I think I am getting pretty close with this but not 100% there yet. I have a hallway light with two switches at each end. On / off at each end will turn the hall light on / off. Am swapping out dumb switches with Lutrons and have 2x PDW-6WCL.

(right side)

(left side)

The dumb switches worked before, so it seems like I am not installing these correctly. Anything that I am missing?

  • You had 3 way switches. Each with 3 wires. On one switch a permanent hot was coming in on one screw. Then it was switched as output on two screws to the second 3 way switch. On the second switch two were coming in from the first switch and one is going out to the light.
    – Traveler
    Mar 17, 2023 at 23:00

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You're really bouncing off the walls here. To start with, you have chosen a product that is designed to work with a master and remote. Except you are installing 2 masters. Further, you are using the diagram for a different application on each switch. It's like your expectation is that you must install these 2 masters, and that is coloring your reading of the instructions. It doesn'tq help that "single-pole" is unclear: "single pole" is how they describe a non-3-way setup.

Follow the first (3-way) instructions.

The switch at location 2 will be deleted altogether. You will need a red wire nut to join 3 wires (yellow nut OK if #14 wire) and then cover it with a blank cover plate.

Then you use a Pico remote for the second switch. It's possible the Pico remote is designed to fit in a standard junction box, in which case you can install it in the above box instead of a blank cover plate. Just push all the wires to the back.

Take the 2nd master and either return it, or use it to control a different light, your call.

Note that wire nuts are not "caps". The wires are twisted together by you twisting the wire nut Quite hard.

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