I have a frameless shower door that has a gap strip coming off. It's a clear strip which probably came with an adhesive backing. The strip is 1/4 wide by 1/8. Can anyone help me identify this part so I can purchase it? I'm not sure if this a silicone tape. If so I can't find 1/4 which is about 6mm.

enter image description here

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  • It seems to be a variant of "Shower Door Translucent Silicone Bulb Seal" or similar Apr 16, 2023 at 18:07

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It will be near impossible to identify it from the picture you provided. Your best bet would be to get some rubber contact cement or epoxy and apply it to both surfaces, following directions, after thoroughly cleaning both surfaces. The contact cement will set immediately whereas the expoy should be taped untill it's hardened.

You could also snip a piece off the bottom and go hunting on the internet or around local home or plumbing fixture stores for a replacement.


You couldtry browsing the CR Laurence website. (Link attached) Shower door and glass companies would be a good place to get the parts. They are typically applied with VHB tape.


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Just match up the profile and measurements. You should find what you need.

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