I'm putting a spa on a second floor covered deck. The main panel is in the basement 45 feet from first floor exterior. Wiring would need to go through basement and then crawlspace.

I know I need conduit outside up to second floor disconnect. It is too complicated to run conduit all the way from main panel but can't run cable inside conduit outside. I thought about transitioning from cable to THWN, but it would be almost impossible to put a box inside the crawlspace.

I saw 6/3 w/grnd submersible pump cable online. It has sheathed ground (required by code). Can I run this stuff unprotected (but fastened, of course) indoors and then in conduit outside up to the GFCI disconnect? It would solve a lot of issues. Thanks for reading.

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    Have you considered using ENT (smurf tube) for the indoor portion of the run? Mar 8 at 3:03
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    – isherwood
    Mar 8 at 19:28
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    This isn't part of your question, but make sure your deck is designed/approved for the weight of a spa. They can be very heavy (especially if they hold a lot of water), and most decks aren't designed with that weight load in mind. Especially on the 2nd floor where a catastrophic failure of the deck could be fatal.
    – Milwrdfan
    Mar 8 at 21:24


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