While I was working on rebuilding my Zurn Wilkins 600XL 1" Water Pressure Regulator Valve I broke x3 of the x4 sets of Cap Gasket seals that I had (don't ask me the sequence of events that led to me posessing x4 sets of Cap Gaskets...) enter image description here enter image description here

They seem to be some kind of cardboard material, and apparently they are 'one time use'.

Once you tighten the cap, and they get moist, and make seal up with the brass body, they break if you loosen the caps again. enter image description here

I called Zurn Wilkins, but they don't sell those seals individually, only in the rebuild kits that cost $50 which I had already bought. I didn't want to buy a whole other kit just for those seals.

So I went searching to various hardware stores for suitable alternatives.

One promising option that I found was a sheet of blank rubber seal material that I could cut out to appropriate diameters enter image description here

but that turned out to not be a solution. enter image description here

Does anyone know where I can find replacement cap gaskets for the Zurn Wilkins 600XL 1" Pressure Regulator?

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Luckily, on my last attempt of the day, I found a landscaping shop that I was just drivng by, and planned to ignore, but at the last moment I decided to give it a try, and pulled into the parking lot. The guy there was familiar with the seal material and where I could buy some blank sheets.

Turns out that material is called Rubber Cellulose used to seal water and coolant applications, and can be bought at automotive part stores in blank sheets. enter image description here enter image description here

I got some at O'Reilly's, but the guy said they have them at Napa, and probably other auto shops too.

I cut out a couple sets of seals, and they are working like a charm. enter image description here enter image description here

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