I’m going to install a Pelonis air conditioning unit through a brick wall. I was wondering what type of structural support I’ll need before I go and knock out a hole.

The game plan is to drill pilot holes on the inside (since I already have the plaster wall cutout done) and on the inside of each corner of the rectangle. Then I’ll be able to go outside and use a grinder or a masonry saw to cut out the outside brick wall.

I think there’s some type of metal plate I have to put above the opening in order to support the bricks above from caving in. I don’t know if this is installed before hand or not ( I tuckpointed all of the joints 2 years ago so it should be structurally sound).

There're actually two brick walls back to back on this building, the building is quite old (1920 roughly) so I have to take out two rectangles instead of just one.



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