trim block on siding

This one was on my punch list for closing. The field manager couldn't explain why there was trim box on top of siding. The inspector that I hired told me that this wasn't the standard... Is this the industry standard or pure laziness?

Also, how hard is to replace a fiber cement board? They wouldn't fix this "cosmetic issue" enter image description here

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    I have a hunch about the electrical, but it depends on the age of the house, so when was it built? As far as the siding, I would agree that those defects are cosmetic. I certainly wouldn't replace the boards for that - but better prep before painting would take care of it - basically either sand down if it is high or fill if it is low. Mar 7 at 4:12
  • It's a brand new build... I am trying to close it on Thursday since my rate lock expires on same day. Mar 7 at 12:20
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    Yep, make sure they leave you with a can of paint, or at least the "make and model" of what they used. The double trim ring on brand new construction, with both trim rings on the outside of the siding certainly looks halfass. Especially when the trim rings appear to be different colors.
    – Huesmann
    Mar 7 at 13:04
  • If these are the worst problems, call it done. My hunch, which is 100% wrong, is that the outdoor receptacle was originally flush with the siding and at a later time was upgraded to a modern weather-resistant/in-use-cover/GFCI. The catch being that often older (1960s or earlier) boxes are not large enough for a GFCI/receptacle. The easy solution then is to put on some sort of extension and box. But that isn't the case with a new build. Mar 7 at 13:05
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    I fully understand their reluctance to fix the cosmetic issue (which is all it really is) on the siding. They're not going to replace it - they'd need to bring in two different subcontractors (siding and painting) and it would be ridiculous. But they could have a handyman on staff who would sand/touch-up. End result - you'll be that handyman. But as Huesmann pointed out, if they can leave you with paint and/or paint specs that would help a lot. Mar 7 at 13:07


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