I am trying to replace the shower trim kit, and am having trouble identifying this shower valve cartridge. What kind of cartridge is this?




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This is a Delta ball valve faucet. The ball in question is Delta 212 ball. The deck plate has a patent number 3056418. The whole trim kit can also be found under "Delta 600 Series" name.

My original intent was to replace the assembly (it was leaking a bit) and replace clear knob handle with a lever handle. The orignal 212 ball is not compatible with Delta's lever handles, but there is a RP20111 conversion ball with a compatible RP17443 lever handle.

All assembly parts:

  • RP17443 shower handle
  • RP5883 deck plate
  • RP196 deck plate screws
  • RP1050 cap
  • RP5893 sleeve
  • RP20111 conversion ball
  • RP4993 seats & springs
  • RP188 cam and packing.

(Steve Wellens's comment under the question showed me the right direction: How to Identify a Faucet Brand.)

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