I'm hoping someone can identify this hand tool. Here is what I do know:

  • It was made by Stanley
  • It may be something used with sheet metal or maybe Wire?
  • It would only be used on the edge of the metal.
  • It doesn't seem to be used to nibble as it doesn't cut.
  • The knob on the front has numbers from 4 to 16 (gauge?) and acts like a cam. as you turn it, it moves a metal piece (a base) that has two sloped edges with a peak in the middle. This piece adjusts up and down to offset the peak.
  • There is another round wheel that you can turn to adjust the height of another component that has a rounded top edge.
  • Squeezing the handle pushes a metal part that presses against the sloped adjustable base. It seems like it crimps or pinches? or possibly is used to bend. the part that is pushed is about 1/8" x 3/8" and the tip is sloped at the same angle as the metal plate it hits against.

Full pic close up head close up angle close up head 2


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It appears that you have a Stanley™ Saw Blade Set tool. It's possibly the model 42SS as per an eBay posting currently active.

Saw blade set tool 42SS

This image from above linked auction/purchase posting. There are other images in the linked site from various angles.

Saw blade setting tools are used to bend alternating teeth on a hand saw or circular saw blade to ensure suitable kerf/clearance while cutting


It's a saw set, used for setting the teeth of a saw blade when resharpening. See saw set.


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