I've recently replaced the tap and handles in an old bathroom sink. It turned out to be a bit of a pain because the bolts holding the sink in are rusted into the besser block wall - the bolt head just snapped off the first bolt I tired to unscrew. I decided to leave the sink as is and just try and replace the tap and handles like that. I managed, but now I'm having a really hard time tightening up the PVC pipe fitting under tap because it's in such a tight position.

So my question is, are there any techniques or tools for tightening up such things when they're in such a tight place? I have 3 cm or less space in any given direction due the wall on one side and surrounding sink.


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You want a basin wrench. It cams sort of like a pipe wrench, so it should be able to grip almost anything. Insert the handle from the other side to cam the other direction.

Basin Wrench


Does the nut have thumb tabs to turn? A photo is key for the best answers here. If it does, I make these on my own with a piece of PVC pipe and they work like a charm for installing/uninstalling sink faucets. Just run a piece of pipe vertically through your table saw to make two kerf cuts at 90 degree angles.

enter image description here

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