My old heating element finally burned out and had to be replaced. That element is not made anymore, but an appliance store gave me the part # for a replacement that works for that oven. I took out the old one and when I went to install the new one I noticed there isn't a place to screw on the ground wire on the new part. There is another metal part that I might be able to connect it to on the element's base, but not being an electrician I just figured I would check if this was okay to do, or does it even need a ground connect on the newer element.

  • All elements I've seen (not that many) achieve grounding via a retaining screw. If you can confirm continuity between the element casing and the oven chassis, an additional wire is possibly superfluous. Be sure the wire is not a grounding path through the element for something else though (seems unlikely, but one never knows). – bcworkz Apr 4 '13 at 19:43

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