I picked up my tile order yesterday. I got these "1'x1'" meshes of 1" diameter hexagonal tiles. It was explained to me that you buy them by the total square feet. I wanted to get 10% more than I needed and I needed 80 square feet, so I paid for 88 square feet. I got 8 boxes, each with 11, 1'x1' meshes. When I was unloading them at home, I noted one of the boxes was open and only had 8 meshes in it. When I called and pointed out that I was shy 3 meshes, they explained that somehow, that was correct, but I couldn't understand how that works out.

Besides that, the meshes are not 1'x1'. I measured them and they are 11" by 11.5"?! I mean, if that's shrinkflation, then whatever - I won't blame them for that, but what's up with being 3 sheets short?

The tile is Merola Carrara. I could not find an on-line listing for it, but here's what the box says and pictures of my measurements. It was hard to hold the camera and the tape measure at the same time, so although the horizontal measurement looks like 11 5/8, it is actually 11 1/2. Horizontally, I measured a single row. Vertically I measured from the tip of one to the valley of the other.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

And here's the row for these tiles on the invoice:

enter image description here

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    How did you measure the panels? Obviously a hex tile layout has jogs in it and angles on some edges. Measure short point to long point in each direction. Tile is often sized with a standard-ish grout gap in mind, so consider that as well.
    – isherwood
    Jan 22 at 20:57
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    What does the labelling on the box state for per-box coverage?
    – Ecnerwal
    Jan 22 at 21:08
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    You did not get 88 SQ ft. by any method of math.
    – RMDman
    Jan 22 at 22:57
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    For some reason a box is three sheets short, and supplier didn't notice when they shipped them to you. Supplier is now trying to bullsh1t you into accepting that this is correct, to avoid the cost of shipping the extra. Ask them to show you the calculation that they did to arrive at 85 sheets = 88 sq ft.
    – SiHa
    Jan 23 at 13:10
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    Sounds to me like you have a vendor not willing to take responsibility for not shipping the correct/complete order. I'd suggest contacting them, asking for the additional tiles, and if they refuse again, ask them to initiate a return, telling them that you'll just buy them elsewhere since they won't make it right.
    – FreeMan
    Jan 23 at 13:22


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