I did a rough sketch up of what I'm working with in Google Sketchup. I'm laying laminate flooring in my basement living room and have all of the necessary preparations (Plastic layer and padding) My question is on the leveling of the flooring. The small circle in the image below is about a 4sqft diameter circle that is not level with the rest of the floor. Images below of the level doing a cross section from middle of the circle to the outside The images are somewhat hard to see, 1st the bubble is all the way to the right and the second all the way to the left. Now seeing that this section is raised, a self leveling product would have to be applied to the whole floor to level this out. My thoughts were to smash the raised area down with a sledge hammer and then use a patching product to level it out. DIY What is the best method for me to level this out

Floor Plan

Level cross section 1

Level cross section 2

Thanks to @HerrBag solution I was able to level the spot.

enter image description here

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I like taking small crowns out of concrete floors with diamond cup wheel attached to an angle grinder... Need a shop vac and a masked helper. You may be able to rent both.

enter image description here


You can hire someone to grind down the floor. I had this done in my house. It only took a few hours for the worker to remove a lot of material. He used a large diamond grinder that looked like a floor polisher.

It was noisy and dusty. We sealed off the room from the rest of the house. That really helped keep the mess under control.

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