My old shower arm started leaking so I needed to replace it, after getting it off I realized that the water pipe protrudes out, around 8cm. Here is an image:

Protruding shower water pipe

Are there any shower arms on the market that could still work with this? The house is very old and I see that all shower arms advertised assume to screw into the wall while this one needs to be screwed onto... I tried looking up terms like "screw on shower arm", "extruding shower arm" and the likes.

Edit: I also saw this post Replacing old shower arm and head but the problem with mine is that the pipe is extruding quite a bit.

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You can cut that pipe 1" from the wall and add a compression to female thread fitting similar to the one shown below from Lowe's. Don't install the compression fitting inside the wall. Then get a bell escutcheon to cover the fitting similar to the one shown from Lowe's and screw your new standard shower arm into the fitting.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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