We just got a new dishwasher, and I cannot figure out how to connect the drain hose from the dishwasher to the drain hose extension coming out of our floor.

How can I connect the two hoses shown in the attached picture?

drain hoses

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The fitting from the new washer appears to be 1/2" female that would normally attach to the 1/2" barb connection under the sink. The elbow on your extension tube looks like 1/2" too. You should look for a 1'2" double barb nipple and two hose claps similar to the picture below from Amazon. A PVC double barb nipple would work too with hose clamps

enter image description here

  • Thank you for your response. I just measured the openings for both the fitting for the new dishwasher and the elbow, and they both appear to be about 1 1/16” wide. So would I look for a 1 1/8” nipple? Do they come in that size? Dec 17, 2022 at 20:19
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    @user3058361 Go for the 1" bar which will be the inside diameter.The outside diameter will be larger, 1/16" to 1/8".
    – JACK
    Dec 17, 2022 at 20:51

It appears you need a short piece of solid pipe and 2 clamps. Possibly 3/4 CPVC.or any size that fits the rubber ends snug. Then clamp.

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