To increase storage space, I want to install 3 shelves (above each other) near the edge of my kitchen cabinet, and near the edge of the wall, and above the kitchen ceramic.

Each shelf is about 75cm wide, 25cm deep, while the space between the kitchen cabinet and the wall is about 80cm.

At first I thought about using normal shelf holders, which are about 15cm*20cm, but this means the first shelf will be at least 15cm above the ceramic, making the upper shelves even harder to reach.

Then I thought about using shelf holders at in the attached photo, but it seems like I won't be able to drill a hole for them, because I can't place the drill so close to the cabinet/wall, as far as I can tell there's no way to drill this close to the cabinet, at least not with a normal drill.

What are my best options? Perhaps using a normal shelf holder that is small than 15cm*20cm, but what is the small I can use without risking the shelves from crashing?

It is a Cement wall. I suppose it's made from blocks.

The kitchen is part of the living room, so I do want a solution that also looks elegant.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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A somewhat standard (pun intended) way to do this is with standards:

Standard shelve brackets

Standards are used with shelf brackets designed to fit in the slots. Just make sure (same for the "shelf holders") that the standards are screwed into either studs (typical US construction) or into walls in an appropriate, secure manner. I wouldn't recommend (I have an anecdote from almost 40 years ago) using hollow wall anchors if the shelves will have books, canned goods or anything else heavy.

A big plus is that you can adjust the shelves, so if you start with the bottom shelf very low and later decide you want more workspace below the shelf, you can move it up a few notches.

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    The kitchen is part of the living room, so I do want a solution that also looks elegant. this idea might be practical, but there is something too massive about it visibility wise :)
    – Stackaloo
    Dec 4, 2022 at 20:42
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    great proposal for the basement or Garage
    – Traveler
    Dec 4, 2022 at 21:11

Do not use a shelf holder on the lower shelf. Instead, use legs (short pieces of dowel for example) and a small right angle bracket (fastened to the middle of the top of the lower shelf) just to keep it from sliding around. For the second shelf up, and all subsequent shelves, you can use the shelf holders you first mentioned.

  • Can you please find some photo that depicts how is it supposed to look?
    – Stackaloo
    Dec 4, 2022 at 20:45

Depending on what strength the wall has there are few options.

First of all I assume you want the shelf to look like part of the kitchen cabinets, and not like some ugly contraption.

In that case I would not use the "Standard" proposal. Granted it is quick and dirty proposal that you have to look at all day long.

It just looks very ugly.

Since you have solid wall (not drywall), bricks or cement you can opt for Hidden Shelf type.

There are to many to choose from so you decide.

There are some with the rood in the shelf, and others with the rood under the shelf. In both cases barley visuable.

There are many solutions so look for (floating/Hidden shelf hardware)


enter image description here

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    Yes, I do want it to look elegant and match the cabinet. The shelves are already in the same wood color as the cabinet. The wall is not drywall, it's a standard wall. Can you please find some photo that depicts the suggested solution? Thanks!
    – Stackaloo
    Dec 4, 2022 at 20:48
  • @Stackaloo see my updated post with picture example
    – Traveler
    Dec 4, 2022 at 21:09
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    "standard wall" in the US is drywall. Please define what you mean by "standard" wall: brick? block? plaster/lath? something else? Dec 4, 2022 at 21:11
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    @manassehkatz-Moving2Codidact Cement wall. I suppose it's made from blocks.
    – Stackaloo
    Dec 4, 2022 at 21:21
  • @Ruskes It's still not very clear to me. In the photo, Do those shelves have a hole inside them, so the "legs" slide and lock into the holes? If so, why should the shelves have rounded corners? and what does it mean to cut strips of wood? the shelf is already made from wood. and attach them how? with screws? does the photo you attach represent the original solution you suggested or is it another one?
    – Stackaloo
    Dec 4, 2022 at 21:46

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