We have a bedroom that has 7ft ceilings and around 170 square feet. I am 6’ 4” so I wanted to try and avoid lights that would be in the middle of the room where I would walk and cutoff the light with my head as I walk by.

We are using 4in led wafer lights. Here are two examples that I was thinking focusing on even spacing away from the wall and using the light to wash the wall to create general lighting while not in the common walkways.

I was curious on thoughts about this direction or if there is another some lighting specialist would recommend.

4 lights

5 lights

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I'd use your second layout mainly because it provides more lighting. Even with this layout, you need something to light up the area around the 8' wall. I'd think about eyeball fixtures in the ceiling aimed at the wall or a wall mounted fixture, trac lighting, bar light that would hit the ceiling and wall.

  • Good point Jack, I forgot to mention that 8’ section is a closet. I was thinking about doing some interior LED strips facing into the closet to light the closet. Nov 20, 2022 at 0:50

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