What’s the best way to fix drywall holes ~1-1.5” on each side around pipes coming into the wall under sink. I’ve seen folks foam the holes around pipes, but it looks ugly. I was thinking to patch with spackling patch, but this would most likely crack if any force is applied to the pipe to connect/ disconnect faucet etc, or by accidentally impacting the pipe under a sink. 🤷‍♂️

pipe hole

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Sounds like you want a escutcheon, which is a metal (usually) trim part designed to cover the hole between the pipe and the wall.

I generally just put some mesh drywall tape and hot (setting-type) mud (joint compound, not spackle) there, if I'm going for "slow down the mice" rather than "pretty." For "pretty" you want a escutcheon. If you have the pipes already in place, you'll want a hinged one that does not require disconnecting pipes to get it in place.

  • You'll want drywall for fire/mouse reasons PLUS an escutcheon for appearance. A split escutcheon for retrofit situations.
    – Bryce
    Commented Jul 27, 2023 at 5:49

HVAC duct sealant will be the easiest and it is paintable and flexible when dry. I wish I discovered the stuff much earlier in life. I would use that with fiberglass tape.


To avoid cracking use drywall MESH tape.

Made from fiberglass strings, so it will not break.

Mud it generously.

It is self adhesive to keep it in place while applying mud.


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