I have been searching for the correct process for creating a "rock garden", but I have been finding mixed instructions.

Some say to create a foundation of small gravel and then build on top of it so that drainage will work properly.

Other guides say to lay down plastic lining then lay small gravel. Since the plastic lining will prevent unwanted grass and other plants from growing within the rocks.

What is the correct process for creating a rock garden that avoids plants growing through while allowing drainage?

By "rock garden", I mean something like this enter image description here

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It is quite simple process. Instead of plastic, you lay down the special fabric designed for such projects. The fabric allows water to go through and keeps the weeds from coming out.

Simply google: Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric. Make sure to purchase heavy duty version.

And there you have it.

Take care

landscape fabric


I would suggest that the best process would be place a thin layer of gravel (base gravel #3 is likely the best option here), then use a landscape fabric/weed barrier, then place the desired level of stone on top of that barrier.

Why? The base layer of gravel is cheap insurance to help with drainage and reduce the likelihood of the barrier from becoming plugged with soil from underneath.

  • You should be clear about what "gravel" is here. Class 5 will not result in improved drainage, for example.
    – isherwood
    Commented Nov 10, 2022 at 14:01

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