My wife and I found this problem where we want to replace a new work box? with an old work box that will allow for a new outlet to be place in there, however the old box is attached to this metal bracket which is nailed into a stud. I was wondering how would we go about removing this?

Frontal of Outlet Box Wanting replacement

Side view of outlet box

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Get a crowbar or pry bar and pound it underneath the nails and pull them out. If you have a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel, you can cut off the nail heads and avoid all the pounding. An angle grinder will also do the job. I'd replace it with a new work box since the stud is exposed. The new work box will be stronger.

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    Agree and will add that an oscillating tool (“Fein” for us oldtimers) would also do well for this. Commented Oct 23, 2022 at 13:20

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