I have a French Door GE Refrigerator model GFE24JSKPFSS that has no water coming out of the dispenser and no ice.

I have good water flow into the water inlet value, and the valve measures 360 ohms across the valve contacts points. I tested with a cheater cord and the valve opens with good flow once 120 VAC is applied to the contacts.

When the water dispenser is pressed, I'm only getting about 20-22 VAC from the plug that plugs into the inlet valve.

Any ideas on what causes that low voltage or what to try next?

  • do you have the OM manual
    – Traveler
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 3:25
  • @Ruskes I haven't been able to find a copy of it. I can look for one. Anything specific to look at?
    – Andy
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 3:50
  • new water dispenser
    – Traveler
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 5:23
  • Might be a manual online if you can't find it. I usually find search much faster than tearing the house apart.
    – crip659
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 12:08
  • Some possibilities are a bad control board, broken wire, bad switch, bad terminal for starters.
    – Gil
    Commented Oct 21, 2022 at 14:56

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I was able to find this service manual. Not for exactly my model but it looks the same and appears to match everything. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1662427/Ge-Gye18jbl.html?page=31#manual

There is a second valve in the door the manual calls the Dual Valve that is working fine, measured 120 volts there when the dispenser is running. It should be powered off the same line off the main board, so not sure why I'm only measuring 20 or so at the Isolation Valve at the back of the fridge when it should be 60 or 120 volts (there's a diode on that line).

What I ended up doing was just bypassing the inlet valve at the back completely, connecting the water line from the house directly to the line to the water filter. So the Dual Valve is pressurized at all times now, but water and ice both work. $4 fix, and it seems to be working fine.

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