i have all kinds of batteries in my house. when my xbox controller is out of battery, i charge it from my wall. when my phone is out of battery, i also plug it into the wall. i'd like to get a whole bunch of marine batteries. how do i charge them from my wall?


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    XY problem. Better to state what you are trying to actually do. Commented Oct 18, 2022 at 0:35
  • Please explain your goals. As the top answer indicates, you can get a 12v battery charger at many places. Does that actually accomplish your goal? Probably not unless the goal is to have marine batteries sitting around fully charged doing nothing.
    – KMJ
    Commented Oct 18, 2022 at 16:50
  • ahhh... stack overflow in all its glory. i've missed you guys. Commented Oct 19, 2022 at 19:19

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12 volt battery charger, sold in any place that sells batteries.


A multi circuit battery tender would do the job. But again, what are you trying to accomplish? to moderators: I wanted to post this as a comment, but can't bc you can't post pics in a comment. sorry.

battery charger

  • You can to post images in a comment (via a link).
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  • @FreeMan I thought links were discouraged here because they can change often. Commented Oct 18, 2022 at 17:08
  • It's just a comment that can be deleted by a mod any time...
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