I live in Canada

My first electrical job ever

not sure if I can make it

I watch many videos but not sure if I am going to get surprises during the work

My living room has no lights at all and it has a sloped ceiling

I want to put 3 pot lights in each side of the slope

Few things that I am worried about

1- to have the insulation blocking the wire going from one spot to the other

2- studs in the way of the wire.. shall I go over them or I have to drill through them?

3- Do I have to go in straight lines or I can do as in the photo below

enter image description here

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    I have only seen US stuff. It looks like you have some exploratory holes already, so you can see what type and thickness of insulation you have in place. Any wires and fixtures you install will have to be rated for use in insulation (they get hotter without ventilation). You will also likely need to physically secure the cable and fixture mounts to something solid up there. If there is attic space above things will be easier. I believe you will need to drill through the rafters(?); as they seem to be holding up your roof it might make sense to at least talk with a professional.
    – Armand
    Sep 17 at 16:22


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