I have a built-in Bosch HMD8451UC/01 microwave. Two buttons on the control pad are not working (the most used buttons to open and close the drawer). The rest of the buttons work. I tried searching for replacement control panel/board, but can't find any seller that sells the replacement board (there are sellers selling the panel fascia or outer shell, but not the electronics as far as I can tell). Is there any way to fix the buttons themselves? I believe the buttons are mechanical vs. capacitive as when pressed there is some deflection in the panel. Any ideas as I'd hate to replace the entire microwave, which is expensive since it is the built-in type.

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    are you sure it is the buttons and not the motor that brings the tray out/in
    – Ruskes
    Sep 4 at 2:12
  • It's a good question. I can pull open the drawer manually. when I lightly push the drawer in, it closes automatically (the motor pulls the drawer close). However, it does not close automatically if I press the close button (nothing happens).
    – John
    Sep 5 at 7:25

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Probability says, it is not the open/close buttons.

It is probably the Gear (motor)

If you push Open, nothing happens.

If you open manually and push close nothing happens.

It would be rare that two buttons go bad at same time. But what they have in common is the Gear/Motor that might be bad.


Unfortunately it costs $200 at


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