I am remodeling my house and as part of the process I removed the shower arm to do some drywall repair in the area about 6 months ago. I didn't pay much attention to removing it at the time because I figured I would do some research to figure out what I needed later. Now that "later" is now, I am stumped trying to figure out what exactly I need to replace the shower arm/head. Every tutorial online includes a simple threaded piece in or on the wall that you screw an arm into. I have a very short copper stub that comes out of the wall. If I look inside, it's clearly not screwed into any threads, it looks like a solid piece of copper tubing that bends down.

Copper Stub Out

Shows bend down into wall

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There are pipe adapters and extenders that fit standard pipe thread, so you could find one to fit that pipe and adapt it to anything. There are also standard 45° (or 135°) shower elbows with female thread on one side and male on other that might work.

You could also mount a flexible shower hose directly on that nipple.

[Above links shown as examples, only.]

That said, I see two issues:

  • What is the size of that pipe nipple, and what thread does it have? This varies from region to region, and the easiest way to test would be to bring the old shower elbow to a hardware store.

  • Copper pipe is soft, flexible, and eventually may crack and/or develop pinholes due to torsion and corrosion.

    How old is that fitting? How would you replace it if it requires repairs? Usually, there is a brass 90° fitting inside the wall, firmly attached, into which a shower elbow with two male ends is inserted. You might think about opening the wall and soldering in such a fitting for a lasting repair.

shower fitting

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