Having some trouble with a breaker switch and everything thats part of that circuit. Out of the blue, some lights stopped working along with everything else that is hooked to that specific breaker.

I flipped the switch, tightened the screw a bit and then some of the lights started working again (garage, dining room). Then when I went to turn on the front door light, the garage/dining room lights went off and everything on that circuit wouldn't come on. I tried this a couple more times, removing the switch, making sure it was secure on the main panel but same issue.

Could this be linked to a bad switch and could simply replacing the switch be an easy fix? I'm guessing not since some of the lights do power on. Other possibilities?

Dont believe there is a GFCI on this circuit.

Attached a couple pics of the breaker on the main panel and after I've pulled it off.

Thank you

Switch in panel

Switch off panel

Switch off panel2


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What does the bus stab where the breaker came from look like? And what do the stab jaws on the breaker look like? Challenger breakers are defective even if used in Challenger panels, but they are completely inappropriate in a Murray panel (judging by the rest of your breakers).

The incorrect breaker may have damaged your breaker bus, leading to a bad connection. You may have to move the circuit to a fresh space (in addition to a fresh, correct breaker).

See What modern 20 amp breaker is compatible with my Challenger panel? and other questions on this site.


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