My aerator got broken and the disconnected part is stuck in the faucet. Now if I don't unscrew the disconnected part, I can't install a new aerator. Please advise how to remove it. thank you.

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External circlip pliers may grip that better to undo, especially compared to normal pliers.


If just yoinking the white plastic bit out (as suggested in other answers) doesn't work, it appears that 3 of 6 flats of a large hex socket are visible in the picture:

edited version of one of the OP's original pics

A simple Allen key/hex wrench will unscrew that if it happens to be screwed in. That does look to be fairly large, maybe 10-14mm, so you might have to go to the store to find one. While you're test fitting the keys to ensure that you're getting one that fits, a few twists might just loosen it enough that you won't actually need one to get it the rest of the way out.*

I've found that larger hex keys often come as sockets that would fit onto a ratchet, as opposed to the "standard" 90° bent Allen key/hex wrench that many are familiar with, so if you can't find one large enough in that section of the tools, take a wander down to the socket section - they may have one there.

There also appears to be a small notch in the right hand flat. You may be able to stick a small flat-blade screwdriver into that notch and get the plastic bit to turn, or use the edge of the blade to push it in a circle. That may be worth a shot before heading off to the store.

*Some folk may consider such "borrowing" of tools somewhat unethical. I leave that as an exercise for the reader.
Where I live, many auto parts stores have loaner tool kits that you pay for, take home to do the work on your car, then return to the store for a full refund. You could certainly borrow tools from there, or, if you ask nicely, they'll probably just let you borrow one off the shelf for 3 seconds of work.


insert small screwdriver and push it out it, it is not holding to anything, just stuck.

If that does not work use pointy pliers and grab it to remove.

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