What is the purpose of the little indent on the bottom of the hooks on tape measures?

tape measure hook, with arrow pointing at indent

There's no end to the sites and videos explaining that the hole/notch is for hooking on the head of a screw, but all ignore that little indent.

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    The company gets to make another hook after taking that amount of metal from a hundred hooks. 101 hooks for the same metal to make 100.
    – crip659
    Aug 4 at 20:01
  • In the future, the exact purpose of that little notch will be revealed and all that don't have one will suffer. Just kidding - I have no idea. I suspect it's there to allow you to get a slightly better grip on it while pulling the end out.
    – Chris O
    Aug 4 at 20:05
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    I'll bet it has something to do with chalk line clearance.
    – fred_dot_u
    Aug 4 at 20:20
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    I don't know that this is the only thing it's good for, but it registers a pencil nicely when you're doing an arc or a straight line off an edge. Aug 5 at 0:53
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    @crip659: these are stamped, it doesn't really work like that Aug 5 at 15:46


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