What is the name of a hinge that will kick out when open? (See image below - click to enlarge.) I have an adjacent blind that won't let me open my kitchen cabinet.

Adjacent Window proposed hinge connection

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I've never seen a cabinet hinge sold for this specific purpose but it's a good idea. I hope you find it. If not:

You could try adapting a double action hinge:

enter image description here

They are meant for doors swinging both ways.

When one of those is spring loaded (and usually ornate) it's a saloon hinge.

You could also possibly adapt a tandem hinge which is meant for double doors layered one on the other.

tandem cabinet hinge

Alternate approaches, if you don't find a hinge that works here, would be to

  • reverse the door. It looks like it would clear the window if the hinge was on the left.
  • Move the cabinet a little to the left, if that's possible. You could install a "gap fill" strip that you can buy at any hardware store given it's a common wood finish.

A concealed hinge offers this functionality, or at least similar to what you seem to have:

enter image description here

(but the ones in my closet only do one inch, not three...)

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