I have a ceiling fan already installed with one 3 speed wall switch when I bought the house. I would like to add a light fixture, but don't know how I will turn it on/off. I know I can't use the speed switch for the light and there isn't separate wiring in the wall for the light.

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    @JACK A pull chain is a possible solution if it is panel->fan[with light added] ->switch (i.e., switch loop). If it is panel->switch->fan then pull chain won't work because the power will all be affected by the 3-speed switch. Jul 14 at 22:32
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    Is there a light kit even available for the fan? You can't just "hang a light on the fan" - it has to be designed for it. Jul 14 at 22:33
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    to get wall controls possibly you will need to put one or both features (fan and light) on a wireless remote control. more details of how it's wired will help.
    – Jasen
    Jul 14 at 23:41
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    It's possible that there's a 3rd wire in the cable leading from the switch to the fan. Turn the power off at the breaker, remove the cover plate from the switch, unscrew the switch from the wall (do NOT disconnect any wires from anything!), then take a picture of the switch and wires inside the box in the wall and edit it into your question. Then reverse everything to put it back together. Based on the pics, this could be a piece of cake. Or, it could be rather difficult.
    – FreeMan
    Jul 15 at 13:20
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    I took off the plate and inspected the 3 speed switch wiring. I observed a blue, red, black and white wires. I wonder if the fan has already been wired for a light, but the previous owner never installed one. I'm guessing a pull chain might do the trick. I will try to install a fixture over the weekend. Update to come. Thanks all.
    – stephanie
    Jul 16 at 12:08


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