Tree fell on cable going from neighbors house to power line pole. Company came and fixed the power line to neighbors house but left two wires on my ground that still are hooked to power line pole. One appears to be a coaxial cable and one is a flat black cable. Are they dangerous, what are they, and what do I do with them? Unable to upload photos because site only allows 2mib or smaller.

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    You can use an online service like simpleimageresizer.com to shrink your image size with negligible difference in their quality.
    – gowenfawr
    Jun 18 at 1:45
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    These are probably cable and/or landline telephone. Those would not be the responsibility of the power company and are probably waiting for the responsible companies. If so, not dangerous, but I can't tell for sure from here.
    – DoxyLover
    Jun 18 at 2:01
  • Normally the electric power wires run along the top levels of the telephone poles, are mounted on ceramic insulators and usually uninsulated aluminum. Cable TV, telephone and internet cables usually run along the lower/middle sections of the telephone poles and are normally insulated (black).
    – Armand
    Jun 18 at 4:23

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I would leave it alone,

but check if you still have Internet/TV

and does your landline phone works.

If you do not call the appropriate provider.

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