I have a Lutron DVCL-153P Dimmer 3-Way Switch for my ceiling. From the switch, I want to jump out to create a new outlet.

This is the picture of BEFORE and AFTER

enter image description here

Here is the picture behind the switch (Yellow Romex is new wire to Outlet)

enter image description here

Problem: When switch is ON, new outlet has no power. When switch is OFF, new outlet has power.

Question: Is there a way to re-wire this without having to start the jump from somewhere else OR replacing the switch to 2-way switch (assume 2-way will work)?



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From what you've posted it's impossible to wire an outlet to code while keeping that switch functional.

In fact, what you've done is incredibly dangerous because you've supplied the hot to both outlet buses. Get yourself a receptacle tester and you will see that the outlet is wired wrong.

Put it back how you found it and call an electrician.

This is a likely representation of your light's current wiring:

enter image description here

Notice how the power comes into the fixture? Then a single line is run to the switch so that it can operate a switched-hot scenario?

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