I have a commercial ceiling fan Dayton 4C853B, serial N. 013050021. 48" dial. It only goes in one direction, pushing air down. I need to reverse it, to pull air up. it does not have a remote, only a switch on the wall. I appreciate instructions on how to re-wire it to change direction. cables are: W;G;Bk;Br;R. Thank you.

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    More info needed. Is there a little box with 7.5uF written on it? Please edit your question to give all the present connections with the fan blowing down. That is, all the connections from the house wiring to the fan and all of the connections between the fan's own wires including the little box. If the fan is not presently hooked up I don't think we can help you here. In that case you might contact the Grainger company, which distributes Dayton products.
    – MTA
    May 21 at 20:44


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