My Kenmore refrigerator is forming a thin sheet of ice every 2 or 3 days at the bottom of the freezer. I watched this video on youtube which is exactly the problem I’m encountering. She made fixing this problem looked easy.

I checked the drain tube (a blue arrow points to the drain tube and the location where the black rubber cap clogs the drain tube) and found that it’s clogged with a black rubber cap.

enter image description here

Is the black rubber cap part of the refrigerator interior? Does it need to go somewhere inside the refrigerator? Or I can throw it away and be done with the the ice sheet issue?

enter image description here

I’ve added the model number of the refrigerator here

enter image description here

The refrigerator does have a drain pan. After I removed the rubber cap from the drain tube, it’s already accumulating water. I have added a video of the pan.

  • Looks like the caps that come on refrigeration linesets. Someone at the factory was crap at policing their garbage. It doesn't look like w/e duck-drain thing she also didn't have. Hers was just full of junk.
    – Mazura
    Commented Apr 30, 2022 at 4:47

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From what you've told us, that black cap should not be there. The water that's formed when the frost melts during the defrost cycle collects in a pan at the bottom of the freezer and then drains out through that tube to a drain pan under the refrig. From there the water evaporates.

Here's a link to an answer I posted to a similar problem:

How to prevent fridge freezer drain from freezing over?

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