I am trying to determine what GFCI breaker to use for a 20A MWBC in an old Challenger panel that requires Eaton Cutler-Hammer BR breaker replacements. I have found at least three models that appear to be potential fits: GFTCB220, GFTCB220CS and GFCB220. Is either one of these good or do I need to get a specific one? I do not currently have any Challenger GFCI breaker on my panel, so I can't look for a fit based on the model replaced. Here is a photo of my panel label if it helps
enter image description here
A quick comparison of physical dimensions with the non-GFCI breaker BR220 does not seem to give me much of a clue either
Size comparison

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    They all should be 2" wide. It appears your sources have an inconsistent definition of which one is "width". By the way, all BR breakers are cross-listed type C or type A. So they actually are type C breakers. (or type A if tandem/quad). Apr 4, 2022 at 1:20

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You want the GFTCB220

While all three breakers are BR GFCIs, and thus cross-listed to fit your panel, the GFCB220 is an obsolete part number due to the last edition of UL 943 introducing an automatic self-test requirement for GFCIs. In response to this, Eaton introduced an updated design under the GFTCB part number prefix, so that's what you want; the CS suffix simply stands for a retail clamshell package, though, so that's irrelevant.

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