I have removed a fire place surround. And removed the piece that sat on the floor in front of the fire. Before removal fireplace before demolition

But after removal there is some kind of cement that is on the floor in front and is level with the carpet (see below) so to install new carpet I will need to get rid of it. Is it safe and easy to do with a chisel and hammer?

Concrete hearth left behind

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    If that was originally a real fireplace you might find that hearth is solid down to the ground. Or at least a perimeter wall that is filled with earth and poured over. Smack it with a hammer if it sounds hollow go for it, if the hammer rebounds like it’s trying to hit you back it may be solid and hammer & chisel will take quite a while.
    – Ed Beal
    Mar 30, 2022 at 19:56

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Chisel and hammer worked perfectly. The stuff in front of the wall was just mortar, so once I got an edge on it it started to come away quite easily. Then once the top layer was all out, any tiny stubborn bits I sanded away with a sander.

Worth wearing a mask for this because of the mortar dust

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