I have already applied self leveler in my bathroom over brand new plywood subfloor. I have got Mixed opinions if I can use Hardy backer board on top of the self leveler.

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    Pictures would help.
    – Danger14
    Mar 22 at 10:03
  • Self leveling compound has served me well when fixing old homes, I use several different brands of backer but hardy works fine I would rather have a flat level base under my backer than dips and voids that happen in my early days when I tried to fill with mortar, there will be many opinions out there but whatever provides a solid base that is level (or properly contoured for a drain) will make the best long term job.
    – Ed Beal
    Mar 22 at 13:42
  • Thanks Ed! So I don't need to worry about screwing down the Hardy board threw the self leveler and breaking it up with the screws? Also I have just noticed there is a couple hairline cracks in the self leveler. should I worry about that?
    – Steven
    Mar 23 at 5:08


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