I have a lighting fixture with 3 lamps. The current ones are LED on 6W.
One has burned out and I bought a replacement one at 35W.
Is it OK to have 2 at 6W and 1 at 35W or should all the lamps be the same?

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    Is this a LED light fixture with a single LED driver or just a light fixture you put LED lights(with own driver) in(upgrade from incandescent)? If second then should work, but have two dim and one bright.
    – crip659
    Mar 10 at 12:26
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    What is the maximum wattage listed on the fixture? Was it originally for LED or incandescent bulbs? It will look funny with one bulb being considerably brighter than the other two.
    – FreeMan
    Mar 10 at 12:27
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    a 35w LED? That's crazy strong if that's right...
    – dandavis
    Mar 10 at 17:32
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    In my experience, one bright bulb in a multi-bulb fixture just won't light as well as dimmer bulbs in each socket. If, however, you're happy with it, there's no problem doing so as noted in Ecnerwal's answer. If it's just short term, that's not an issue, either, as you'll be balancing the lighting soon.
    – FreeMan
    Mar 10 at 18:44
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    "will need replacement soon"... LEDs shouldn't need replacement on any kind of schedule, they should run nominally forever, but realistically until their internal power supplies fail, which is highly variable based on build quality. 200 hours, 50,000 hours, all comes down to quality of capacitor. However, if good ones are burning up regularly, they may be getting too hot because heat can't escape the fixture. Mar 11 at 18:43

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So long as you don't exceed the maximum wattage listed for the fixture, it should be fine - but it will look strange, perhaps - that's aesthetics, not function, though.

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