Are there any websites where you can create an account to manage your home with things such as:

  • Layout or floor planning
  • Budgets, project logging
  • Wiring plans

I'm aware of FloorPlanner.com and Google Sketchup, but those are rather specific and I'm hoping for a more complete site to consolidate my home information/plans.

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There are products that do that

Chief Architect comes to mind, though its an install-on-your-PC program, it does all you ask.

I have its little brother Home Designer, which lets you do the design, visualization and parts lists, and gives you an upgrade credit to CA if you need more power.


There is very little market for this. I've looked as well and have found both floorplanner and sketchup somewhat tedious to use. I always resort to some chart paper and drawing floor plans to scale. Google Docs are your friend here. Most youtube videos aren't super helpful either as they have part-info.

I've seen a few great examples of this in Home Depot who have decent books for various projects. Look around and browse them. Alternative what I've found to be a great resource is second hand stores like GoodWill, Value Village etc. even 10-20 year old home improvement books have great info.


Microsoft Visio is great for this and lays out its grids to whatever measurement you choose - for example each square can be 6 inches.

Also they have a ton of built in things that allow you to add lighting, doors, electrical, plumbing, code comments. You can download even more for free or super cheap. I have done a few floorplans and have used several products. Visio works the best as long as it is 2D.

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