Is a 1/4" slope over an 8' length hallway too much for floating LVP ~ the floor is completely flat but it slopes towards the back door. The LVP seams will run across the hallway, not lengthwise.


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Flooring only cares about flatness.

People care if the slope can be felt. Your slope is about 1/32 of an inch over a foot. Doubt if you can even tell without good measurement.

The work to fix it is not worth it, unless doing it for a perfectionist.

Flooring does care(not like) any dips/hills/ridges on the floor. Those do need to be fixed first.

  • The floor is flat, with no dips, hills or ridges, so it sounds like we're okay.
    – RET
    Feb 28 at 22:53

Slope means nothing to flooring until you get so steep that it threatens to tear it loose from the subfloor. This isn't a structural concern whatsoever. Most people won't even detect that much.


That slope shouldn't matter for LVP. Even for a floating floor, that isn't anywhere near drastic enough to cause the finished floor to move or slide.

edit: I initially read the slope as 1/4" per foot rather than over the entire distance. I'd actually consider that close enough to a flat floor in residential construction.

  • Yeah, unless you're setting up for a silicone chip fab plant, I think most people would call 1/4" over 8' both "flat" and "level".
    – FreeMan
    Mar 1 at 14:45

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