We added a 3-season room, which used to be a covered patio before. I am currently doing rough electrical work. Plan to add 6 electrical boxes to bring it to the code.

Two outlets went to the new wall with a. That was pretty straightforward. I started working to add outlets to the existing stucco wall. The thickness of the wall is 1-1/4".

Originally I was planning to use an old-work electrical box. However, because of the thickness of the wall, I realized the flaps could not engage.

Then I tried using a shallow electrical box, but as I was not sure about whether I'll have enough space to put the receptacle in, I removed that.

Finally, I took the flap out for the old-work electrical box and screwed that into the plywood sheath using 1-5/8" screws. It is sturdy now. However, I am still not very satisfied with the result.

So, the question is when faced with similar situation what electrical box did you use?

enter image description here

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