Whenever the furnace is turned on or off, there’s a spot right below my bedroom floor where vent is, the duct would make a popping noise for about 5-10 minutes. Unfortunately the duct is not accessible so I can’t see exactly where the sound is coming from but it’s definitely not far from where the vent is in my bedroom. The issue started after I got my duct aero sealed and the popping noise only occurs in the winter when the furnace is on.

I’ve tried a few things including banging on the duct right below the vent, putting something heavy in the duct where I can reach but none of them worked. It’s very annoying and disruptive to my sleep.

What else can I try to fix it?

  • Most fixes will require access to the duct. Unfortunately sound can travel quite a distance though ducts, so source of the sound might be somewhere else in the duct work, usually a section with flat sides compared to round tubes.
    – crip659
    Nov 28 '21 at 12:29

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