My washing machine plug causes the washer to stick out about 4 inches too far because the plug is not 90 degrees. Can I safely plug the washer into a heavy duty power strip with a 90 degree plug?

  • @JACK Thought every owner's manual says not to use extension cords.
    – crip659
    Nov 20 '21 at 23:03

Might also be an option to change the power cord on the washing machine. Many larger machines like that are designed for fairly easy cord swap. Take a look at the termination type on the existing cord; then shop for appliance cords that have the bend you require. McMaster-Carr is a great source for finding specialized and specific things like that.


Most, if not all, owner's manuals will say not to use an extension cord as a safety precaution. However, you should be able to use a right-angle power adapter to solve your problem. Because of their very short length, they do not pose any safety problems. Be sure to get a quality UL rated unit with a rating of at least 15 amps. They are available at any home center.

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