I need to change my shower handle stems since they are semi-broken. The handles do not include any signs or logos for who the manufacturer is. Any ideas how i can find out or even find a similar company ? enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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    There might be identifying markings on the side of the cartridge that you can see after taking it out. If that doesn't help, try taking it to a plumbing supply store (not necessarily a BigBox) if possible. Chances are they'll recognize it.
    – gnicko
    Nov 13 '21 at 1:35
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    ^^^ +1 Take it to a "real" plumbing store. The guy there will look at it and say "Oh yeah, that's a Flibberjabin Concroxitoa valve, part number 39AA-1" or whatever. And then after he tells you that, buy it from him instead of Amazon because his experience is worth something.
    – Kyle B
    Nov 13 '21 at 3:06

You could try this cartridge identification guide.



You may find a match if you use Google Lens... Download the Google Search Engine App (logo is a G) if you don't have it already > look at the search bar and you'll see two icons, one that looks like a camera - tap that one > take a picture with it and if there is anything out there for sale that looks like what you have, you'll find it.

  • Or it could be from an RV in which case none of the above is going to help identify it. You are best off, imho, replacing the entire valve with a current anti-scald model.
    – DAS
    Nov 14 '21 at 1:12

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