I noticed the connection piece at my outdoor HVAC unit has been sweating heavily when in use. It is in the 70s recently so not particularly hot out. I am worried about corrosion. Is this normal or should it be insulated like the section above it? Thanks in advance!

Here is an image of the excess moisture

Sweaty pipes

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    The insulation is looking rather tired and worn, I'd suggest it's time to replace it. Also, it appears that the sweat is primarily on the uninsulated portions.
    – FreeMan
    Oct 27 at 18:22

Condensation occurs more readily at lower temperatures, where the relative humidity is higher. You might not see as much if it was 90. It's not really a problem, as there's almost always some exposed metal anyway, and copper develops a patina that protects it (the brown).

FreeMan's right, though--fix the insulation on the pipe. You lose energy efficiency where the pipe is exposed, so you want at least most of it covered.

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