I’ve been trying to remove a newer schlage lever style bathroom door knob for the past hour without success. Both knobs came off after pressing a pin in the small hole on the side of each knob. How is the rest of the latch mechanism removed? I tried pushing, pulling and turning but nothing has worked.enter image description here

Bingo! The rose was press-fitted on the hidden plate with the two screws. It was easily pried off with a small flat head screwdriver as described by “that it guy” who included the Schlage instructions. Thanks!

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    Odds are really good that the escutcheon plate (the round trim ring) has to come off first. It appears that there's a little hole at the very top of your pic, almost cut off from the pic, that probably has a similar "push here to release" function. After that's off, removal may become more obvious.
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    Oct 27, 2021 at 13:00
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The ring flat on the door is called the "rose". The one on the "inside" side of the door typically conceals the screws. (That's the side with the lock tab/button, or for entrance levers the side that doesn't have the key.) It's usually press-fitted onto a component screwed in place. It looks like there is a small slot near the top of your picture. Use a small flat screwdriver or similar tool and carefully pry that away from the door. (It shouldn't be on very tight; be careful you don't scratch or dent the door or the lock if you intend to reuse it.)

I found Schlage's installation instructions for the typical residential levers and knobs:



There should be a small slot in the cover plate shown in your picture. It can be removed with a small screwdriver by twisting the screwdriver in the slot. That will expose a mounting bracket with screws than can be removed and the latch mech. can then be pulled out.

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