I have had a stack washer dryer for 15 years. It stopped heating last week.

  1. I replaced the easy/cheap/likely first: thermistor, flame sensor, ignition coils
  2. Then I replaced the more expensive but already malfunctioning control module.
  3. I don't see a thermal fuse - if there is one it is not mounted on the heater housing. I don't see a thermal fuse listed as a part for my model FGQ1442ES0 Frigidaire either.
  4. I Plugged in a new igniter.

After all that I am wondering if it is possible the propane supply tank isn't providing enough pressure- (its under 10% full and it has been relatively cold lately). Other LP appliances are working (tankless hot water). Probably wishful thinking - will be getting a delivery this week so... has anyone seen or heard of this on a propane conversion dryer?

Otherwise, the next things to replace are cycling thermostat and dryer moisture sensor.

I don't want to replace the full stack while prices are so inflated right now.

  • Is it trying to start? A spark igniter will make clicking sounds, a glow plug igniter will glow red. That should help narrow down the problem. (BTW: Did someone turn off the gas?). Oct 25 at 4:47
  • It is not trying to start heating - no glow. Gas valve is in the on position, yes. Oct 25 at 12:33
  • 1
    Dryers vibrate a lot. It is possible an electrical connection became dislodged or broken. I would check every connection carefully. Oct 25 at 14:28
  • So far all connections have been solid. The last device in the chain is the cycling thermostat. It is located behind the mounting bracket for the drum bearing, and it is relatively expensive. Based on my rules of engagement I guess I am going to go after it next. Oct 25 at 17:48

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