I'm laying down NuCore LVP floating plank floor in a room with concrete/brick walls on either side and was wondering if it's possible to slide both sides of the floor into my undercuts.

I have done installations with masonry on one side which is easy as I just start on that side, tucking the plank into my undercut and work my way back to a trimmed edge. The problem I will run into with this installation is that when I get to the finishing wall, I will somehow need to squeeze that last plank into my undercut which seems impossible without shifting the whole floor one way, clicking the last plank in, and then shifting it all back.

I would think this would be relatively easy with a small square room but I am working with 550 sq/ft. room in an oblong shape.

Any advice is appreciated as I would like to avoid installing trim or quarter round on these brick walls.

  • I think that some additional info like: What specific type of flooring are you installing? How does it connect? Which piece(s) are you referring to? would probably help us get you a better answer.
    – FreeMan
    Sep 27, 2021 at 13:05


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