I have a small concrete job that requires about 15-20 cubic feet of concrete, less than a yard. It is a wall repair that is about 3 feet above grade and has an excavation in front of it. Furthermore, an existing house and sill is above the wall, so the concrete cannot be poured in with a sluice, it will need to be pumped in.

Access to the site is limited. We can get things like small tractors and backhoe-sized equipment in there, but we cannot get a big mixer truck to the site, so the equipment needs to be tractor-sized, or towable by a tractor.

We do have electricity including 220V.

What are the recommended options for the type of equipment we should buy or rent for this job?

  • Think some cement companies have small tow mixers you can pickup. They are for jobs too small for the big trucks, but kind of big for small home mixers.
    – crip659
    Commented Sep 24, 2021 at 14:15

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  • Hand mix in a wheelbarrow

  • Portable, electric powered mixer like this:

    Portable, electric powered mixer

  • Towable, electric or gas powered mixer like this:

    Towable, electric or gas powered mixer

Or any similar mixer that's small enough to maneuver into your work space. Of course, you could order a truck, dispense it into a wheelbarrow at the curb and wheelbarrow it back to the work site.

Images from UnitedRentals, the first place I found in a search that had nice images I could use, no recommendation implied or intended.

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