I would like to move the entryway into my kitchen over about 10 inches. The wall is plaster with metal lath and metal studs. No wood at all. I am wondering how to frame the new entryway. What materials will I need to use for this type of wall? I have framed with wood before but I am a bit unsure of the method I should be using with this type of wall. There are 1.5" pieces of metal that run horizontally as well. Do these need to be secured to any new frame, whether metal or wood?

  • Welcome to Home Improvement! Pictures of the opened wall (it sounds like you've got it open already) showing where the existing metal studs are in relation to where you want them to be and where the horizontal members are will be vital to getting you a good answer. If you can't get pics, an accurate sketch would be second best. You can edit your post then just drag the images into the edit box and the site will upload and embed them in your post for you. Once you've done that take the tour so you can learn how to make the most of the site while you wait for answers.
    – FreeMan
    Sep 3 at 13:15

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