We have a room with old aluminum windows. I’ve included a picture of the windows.

We have an A/C in this room, but these old windows never close tight, so most of the cool air escapes through those windows.

I’m looking for a roll-up curtain or something insulated that will prevent the cool A/C air from leaking through the windows. But this something should be easy to open and close since I open these windows daily.

What would you suggest?

enter image description here

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    are you saying there is no glass in the windows? ... the aluminum does not have to leak for heat to come in from the outside
    – jsotola
    Sep 2 at 4:20
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    The windows don’t have glass. Glass wasn’t invented yet when these windows were installed.
    – rbhat
    Sep 2 at 13:37

In all honesty, I would look in to new windows if you can, that's not going to be something easy to set up.

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